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Uniquely Dressed Gymnasts Stand Around A Mat. When They Perform, The Whole Audience Gasps

While the Olympics may be the only time many people will watch gymnastics, there are actually gymnastic competitions every year, happening all over the world. These competitions may not be as highly publicized or easy to find on television, but they feature amazing athletes and unique routines. One of these competitions is the World Gym for Life Challenge. The competition features a variety of gymnastic competitors, like this stunning group, comprised of both men and women, dressed in neon colors and performing an amazing routine. Please like and share the video!

The routine in the video was part of the competition and the group performing is called TS Goetzis Zurcaroh. This group is composed of both men and women and their routine definitely wowed the crowd. They take the floor in their shocking neon costumes and bright blue hair. If that doesn’t grab your attention, their fantastic routine certainly will. While you may be used to the individual gymnasts of the Olympics, with their well-rehearsed routines and difficult gymnastic moves, this group brings something new and different. Their gymnastic skills are impressive, but it is their artistry that really steals the show.

The group seems to have been inspired by acts like Cirque du Soleil and as their performance begins haunting music by Cirque du Soleil and Mark Mancina fills the room and sets the mood. Every member works together as they move around the mat, sometimes in perfect synchronization, and often will just a few members performing amazing feats and flying high in the air. As the music builds, so does the performance, and I often found myself holding my breath in anticipation of the next moment. I’m sure that I’m not the only one – the audience was certainly breathless, as well!