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What A Hilarious Argument These Huskies Got Into!

Dakota and Phoenix, two huskies, seem to be the most vocal dogs there are. When their owner asks about the mess, they have a lot to say. He keeps asking which one of them destroyed the mail, the dogs’ excuses sound hilarious. Dogs are man’s best friends, but it seems to me that Dakota and Phoenix are not best friends. It looks like these two are telling on each other, and they get mad that the owner doesn’t get it. Please, enjoy and SHARE this funny video.

The new studies prove that dogs are able to read our emotions and facial expressions. According to USA Today, our four-legged friends are able to make eye contact and listen for our cues similar to infants. Dogs’ intelligence level is pretty similar to the one of a 2-year-old child. Our pups search for an eye contact and they scan our body language to figure out what we want them to do. During the study, several different dogs were showed two separate videos. The dogs responded almost identical to the infants that were studied along with them.
Dogs can sense when we are upset, mad, or frightened. Besides that, another study suggests that canines can also tell the difference between an angry face and a happy face. A group of 11 dogs were trained to recognize human facial expressions. During the study, they were shown either the upper or lower half of a person’s face in various emotional states, according to Live Science. Then, they were shown different images, using either a different half of a face the dogs already saw or an absolutely different face. In the end, the dogs, who were rewarded for picking happy faces, more quickly learned how to tell happy and angry faces apart, than those rewarded for picking angry faces. According to the scientists, they recognized an angry face as an aversive stimulus.
It is believed that dogs pick up these human-like tendencies after generations of bonding with humans.