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Tiny Ballerina Joins Her Mom On Stage – Then The Music Starts… Wonderful!

Bree, a twenty-nine year old mother of two, has just completed a very successful audition on the popular prime time television dance competition, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. She impressed the judges with her fantastic modern dance routine, and was even awarded a ticket to the final selections in Las Vegas. But, it was her little girl that stole the audition. After her mother, she was given a chance on the stage. When the music begins, she dances her tiny little heart out – ADORABLE.

When asked why it had taken so long for Bree to audition for the show, she had a few reasons. Mostly, because she has spent the last few years before the show came on either pregnant or caring for a newborn baby. She shared the emotional struggle that comes along with putting your time and energy in to something else, in Bree’s case, dance, when you have children at home. Of course she wants to spend as much time as possible with her family, but she still has her own hopes and dreams. And in the dance industry, sooner is better rather than later – she is already a few years older than the majority of the contestants on the show.

So, she takes some time out to pursue her dance career. The timing is just right for Bree. As she shares in the video, she didn’t have the confidence when she was younger to truly pursue these types of auditions. But, with motherhood and the support of her family, her confidence blossomed. It shows in her dancing. She commands the stage with strength and maturity. Because of fantastic performance, her little ones are able to hand her a ticket to Las Vegas and a chance at her dreams. Go Mama!