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I love happy endings, and this is the one to watch!

While riding with his family, an impaired driver crossed over into their lane and hit them head-on. Caleb lost his mother, brother and sister in that accident. He suffered a brain injury and multiple fractures and broken bones. His father and grandmother were about to lose hope in his recovery, but a four-legged friend changed their lives. When Colonel came to Caleb’s life, real miracles started happening before their eyes. I love happy endings, and this one is the one to watch. Please, LIKE and SHARE this story.

After this experience, Caleb’s father, Ben, became a public speaker, personal life coach and state trained Victim’s Advocate. He shares: “After 8 years and over a dozen horrific surgeries Caleb is doing great and is attending regular school now and achieving very good grades. He has been a great example of courage to his family and many others. We will never forget Colonel and his wonderful handler Susan”. The boy got his own dog, named Star.
They say something good always comes out of something bad. Ben S. Howard proofs this statement right. He became an expert in trauma release. Ben was able to not only overcome his own traumas, injuries and loss in life, but also find joy once again. He has helped clients nationwide to be able to do the same.
In his book, seminars and workshops, Ben provides simple, easy to apply principles that help people “let go” of past traumas, addictions, victimizations, injuries and abuse. He connects with clients through humor, compassion, and meeting them “where they’re at”.
In addition, Ben has consulted and worked with addiction and recovery programs such as Positive Adjustments and individuals from the State Victims Reparations Program.
Ben S. Howard, spends a lot of time with his kids in the mountains of northern Utah, when not at his home in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. He has three beautiful children and two grandchildren.