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He Didn’t Hesitate To Jump Into Cold Filthy Water To Save A Puppy.

Every year, Ukrainian city of Odessa gets hit by flash flooding. People are used to it, but street animals suffer the most. Thankfully, there are people who care. A local teenager, Vladimir Maksimov, noticed a couple of puppies drowning in filthy water. When he had realized that the animals were in trouble, he didn’t hesitate to come to the rescue. Unfortunately, by the time Vladimir approached the puppies, one of them was gone forever. The boy’s father works for Ministry of Emergency Situations, he taught his son well. Please, SHARE.

Speaking of floods, if you want to help animals affected by Louisiana flood, it will be very appreciated during this Holiday Season. Thousands of pets, including horses and birds, were rescued from Louisiana flood waters. The luckiest animals have been allowed to stay in shelters with their families. The Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Rescue Team with help from PETA have been providing disaster relief, sheltering and transportation for Louisiana pets. Here are some shelters that need help the most:
Companion Animal Alliance, Baton Rouge’s city animal shelter. It is in need of supplies, bottled water, bleach, shovels, large trash bags, Shop Vacs, blowers and rubber gloves. You can help by making donations through their website, a GoFundMe account or directly via PayPal by using the email tangihumane@gmail.com.
Denham Springs Animal Shelter needs fosters and supplies. If you are looking to foster, fill out an application through Animal Rescue New Orleans. Donations can also be made via the GoFundMe account, which PetCo is matching dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000.
Lamar Dixon Expo Center, temporary shelter needs volunteers, hay, buckets, brooms, cleaning supplies, cat litter, plastic litter boxes, pet food for dogs, cats and horses. Donations can be dropped off at 921 Rue La Cannes Drive, Luling, from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
You can find more information about shelters in need by clicking on the link below. Thank you!