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They surely will make you smile!

There are many reasons why every kid should grow up with a dog. Having a pet not only teaches them responsibility, it also provides them with a buddy, who is always there to play no matter what, to listen without judging, to support any time, who is always happy to see them. When kids have a dog, they don’t just grow up with a pet — they grow up with a best friend. Enjoy this wonderful compilation, I’m sure it will put a smile on your face. LIKE and SHARE us.

Pets are not only great for playing and cuddling, they also boost kids’ immune systems. A study published last week in JAMA Pediatrics shows that children who had a dog in their first year of life were 13% less likely to develop asthma by the time they were six. Another study, which used data from a Swedish registry of more than 1 million children, proved that children growing up on farms with animals had a 50% reduction in their risk of asthma at school age. A recent Finnish study published in the Pediatrics magazine in 2012 found that, during the first year of life, babies with dogs or cats in the household had fewer colds and ear infections, and as a result needed fewer antibiotics. The researchers believe that the dirt, brought from outside by animals, stimulates the babies’ immune systems. Pets that spend around 3 hours a day outside have the most beneficial influence.
Caring for a pet that is dependent on you teaches kids to be more empathetic. Children also gain confidence by having the responsibility of caring for a pet. Even a toddler can fill up dog’s water bowl, which will give him an immense sense of accomplishment.
Having a pet may also prevent a child from becoming a bully. Not being able to share his emotions, not to be heard, may motivate a kid to project his anger and fears onto other children. A dog or cat will listen and will love the child no matter what he says. A pet’s simple presence also provides verbal stimulus to help your child practice talking and socializing with another being.
Studies have shown that pets can help lower blood pressure, speed up recovery time, and reduce stress and anxiety.