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Are you storing your socks the right way?

People with OCD and other ‘neat freaks’ like myself will appreciate the next life hack. Most of you might say it’s a waste of time, but folding socks this way saves the storage space in a drawer, and helps you keep the matching socks together. You are more likely to waste more time searching for a matching pair if you don’t fold your socks. Please, don’t forget to SHARE this with video your neat freaks. Thank for staying tuned.

If you like your house being neat, where everything is organized, but your kids keep wondering if you suffer from OCD, we’ll tell you the difference between a neat person and a person with a disorder. The main difference is that “neat freaks” like being neat. They want to be organized, and they want everything around them to be organized, it keeps them productive. People with OCD, on the other hand, wish they weren’t that way. They feel the urge to do their rituals in order to prevent a catastrophic outcome, which is unlikely to happen. OCD is based on fear. ‘Neat freak’ is another term for a control freak, it’s a perfectionists, who has high standards, and keeps being disappointed or frustrated because other people and their ways don’t reach those standards.
OCD rituals are responses to obsessions. Not everyone with OCD is focused on cleanliness. The symptoms are very diverse, and every person experiences his obsession differently. Concerns should be addressed when OCD interferes with a person’s functioning or social life. If someone refuses to go outside, because his home isn’t “perfect,” or if he turns down a social activity in preference for staying on a restrictive cleaning schedule, it is a good indication of a serious problem.
If you are a neat freak, and your family hates it, ask them to write down the benefits of their ways. You have to write the costs and benefits of your ways. After a comparison, take a minute to acknowledge how you may be distancing others with your cleaning obsession. Promise to give up one neat demand each week for a month.