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In Southern Louisiana, If You Can’t Sleep, You Dance With Your Mama.

Love thy mother, and try to dedicate her as much time as you can. These two from Southern Louisiana warmed my heart. It is the little precious moments like this one that make our life big. The best memories you will cherish throughout your life are those you had spend smiling with someone who matters to you. Don’t take them for granted. Let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them before it is too late. Please, enjoy this lovely video, and don’t forget to click LIKE and SHARE.

It is always a pleasure watching a tough guy being sweet to his mother. Some mothers are afraid of keeping the son “too close,” trying to avoid raising a “mama’s boy.” Some believe that mom who develops a deep emotional bond with her boy will prevent him from growing up to be an independent man. However, it’s been proven that by pushing the son to “man up” and separate him prematurely from his mother can be quite damaging.
Studies reveal that boys who do not have a bond with their mothers act much more destructive and aggressive later in life. A study presented at the American Psychological Association showed that boys who are close to their mothers don’t become hyper-masculine stereotypes, who have to always act tough, or fight to prove their manhood every time you are challenged. These boys are more emotionally open. They tend to have better friendships, and have a lesser chance to suffer from anxiety and depression than their tough peers.
Mothers often nurture emotional intelligence in their sons, teaching them to manage and express their own feelings and to be more sensitive to the feelings of others. These skills help boys with reading, writing and self-control. Thus, boys who are close to their mothers perform better in school.
By asking a screaming toddler to “use his words,” mothers teach the child to come up with a reasonable response. This helps during the boys’ teenage years, but also helps the sons to grow up with the communication skills that they need to navigate adulthood.
Sons who grow up respecting and loving their mothers tend to be respectful towards other women. It helps them in the work place. Today, men need to be able to work in teams and to have those communication skills and social intelligence.