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Could he be any CUTER?!

There are many awesome jobs that I want to do when I retire. “Panda hugger” and “animal groomer” are on the top of my bucket list. But for now, I will enjoy watching other people perform those dream-job duties. Here is a sea otter pup Cayucos. He is 8½ weeks old in this video. Cayucos is a very shy individual, which makes him even cuter. Those paws, that mustache! I would groom him all day long. This camera-shy otter will melt your heart! Enjoy, LIKE and SHARE this cutie.

Otters have the densest fur of all animals! On some parts of their bodies, there are as many as 1 million hairs per square inch. Otters need all that luscious fur to stay warm in the freezing water. They are the only marine mammals without a layer of blubber for insulation. All that hair requires a lot of grooming. If otters are not eating or sleeping, they are grooming. On the paws, these animals don’t have such dense fur, that’s why they try to keep them dry and warm. Mothers and pups often sleep while floating on water on their backs. They hold hands to keep from drifting away from one another. They also use kelp. By wrapping themselves in long strands of kelp they use the plant as an anchor.
Otters live on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. There are actually 13 different species of otter found around the world. Most of them are considered vulnerable, threatened or endangered. River otters live primarily in fresh water, but they can swim and hunt in sea water. Sea otters, on the other hand, live only along the coastline. They are also larger and heavier. Otters range from the Asian small-clawed otter, which is 2-3 feet in length, to the giant otters that can reach 5-5,5 feet.