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When A Wild Cat Meets A Domestic Cat, Cuteness Overload Guaranteed!

A Serval is a wild cat native to the African grasslands. Typically, it is found south of the Sahara Desert. This lean and graceful feline has been admired by humans for centuries. Serval cats often lived in palaces with royal families. Today, some people keep these animals as exotic pets. While it might not be the best idea, neither for the cat, nor for the other pets, the Serval from this video gets along with a house cat pretty well. And we get to enjoy watching their adorable game.

Yes, Serval looks awesome, but you should seriously consider all the risks mentioned below before making the decision to bring one into your home. The Serval cat is a wild animal, it has specific needs and inherited instincts, which must be nurtured in a specific environment. Several states have prohibited their ownership or require specific licenses to contain one.
Serval cats are high-energy animals, and also very curious ones. They need a large area to explore, swim, hunt, run and occasionally climb. Creating such kind of habitat can be quite expensive. But keeping these cats in a small isolated space will not allow them to expel all of their energy or fulfill their natural instincts. Servals require special diets. Regular cat food just not gonna cut it.
These cats like to hunt at night! A Serval weighs an average of 40 to 50 pounds. Imagine this giant cat jumping on you in the middle of the night!
Servals like to mark their territory. This includes peeing on household items and you as well. They don’t always make it to the litter box, and if they do, they require a really big one.
Servals are not good with young children. They play rough, using their teeth and claws. Scratches are much worse with these cats. They are so strong that even if they don’t mean any harm, they still manage to hurt and leave marks. These cats also like to chew and eat anything. Your house must be secured, similar to baby-proofing, to ensure Serval’s safety.