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You Have To See ‘Frederik The Great’ – The Most Photogenic Horse In The World

There is something extremely special about horses that draw humans to them – though it’s hard to put a finger on exactly what it is. They are amazing, majestic, and athletic animals. Often their beauty is unmatched. These proud animals are fast and strong, yet, they can have the most gentle personalities imaginable. There’s something incredibly humbling about being around such a huge animal that is so kind and personable. Though all horses are beautiful in one way or another, Frederik the Great is particularly special…

Frederik the Great is a Friesian stallion who lives in the Ozarks of the United States. Even among people who breed and spend time with Friesian horses, it is agreed that Frederik is even more gorgeous than most Friesian horses – horses that are well known for their breathtaking beauty. In general, Friesians have a large, powerful build and a regal head. They have powerful, animated gaits that are breathtaking to watch as they move around the pasture or the competition arena. In addition, they can be recognized by their sleek, shiny black coats and long, thick, and luxurious manes and tails.

Though Frederik is stunning on his own, it takes a lot of work to keep him beautiful. That’s a lot of hair to keep tangle-free! Fortunately, in addition to his above-average looks, Frederik is also easy to handle and has a lovely temperament that he passes on to his progeny. He truly is one of a kind.

“Audiences and Judges have described Frederik as one with Power, Elegance, Beauty, Nobility and very Showy. Frederik comes from a long line of performance Friesians specializing in strong gaits and powerful trots,” says Pinnacle Friesians’ website.

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