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Thank goodness he knew! Every pet owner must take firefighter’s advice!

To firefighters all lives matter. They do their best to save everyone, whether it is a human, a feline, a canine, etc. One day Abingdon Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Virginia, has answered a fire call that turned into a rescue they will never forget. After evacuating a dog, named Daisy, from a house filled with smoke, firefighters breathed a sigh of relief. While they’ve been resuscitating the animal, the neighbor started yelling that there was another dog in the house. Thank goodness he did! Please, SHARE firefighter’s valuable advice.

Those stickers are a great help. It is always better to be prepared for any kind of natural or human-made disaster. Besides keeping your documents and valuables in one place, put together an emergency kit for your pet. An animal emergency kit should include a harness and leash or a carrier as well as bottled water, water bowl, dry and canned food, and a copy of its medical records. Make sure all your pets have collars with identification. Keep a current photo of your animal for identification purposes.
If you are being evacuated, never leave animals behind, or let them loose outdoors. Domesticated animals rely on humans’ help, they have a very slight chance of surviving in the wild during disasters. In addition, you may not be able to come back for days or even weeks.
Not all emergency shelters accept animals, but most hotels suspend “no pet” policies during disasters. If authorities tell you to live your pets behind, leave out at least a 10-day supply of dry food and water. Fill every bowl that you have with water, then set them on the floor or on counters. Fill sinks, too. Opened canned food will go bad quickly, so stick to dry provision. If you can’t get to your home, ask a neighbor or friend to check on the animals and get them out, if possible.