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A Rescue Dog With Skin Disease Makes A Miraculous Transformation

It’s incredibly difficult to imagine what the poor pup in this video went to get where she is today. The pitiful creature was found outside of Koochesfehan Town. She was hungry, frightened, and in extremely poor health and constant pain due to a horrific skin disease. She had lost all of her hair and had no way to keep herself warm. Fortunately, this very lucky girl was rescued by Sezar Sanctuary. Watch the video to see her amazing transformation and please like and share!

What struck me most when watching this pup’s rescue was that she appeared to be in so much pain, and yet wasn’t aggressive towards rescuers or others. Often when animals are in pain, they will lash out, growling and even biting. It’s not necessarily because the dog wants to hurt those who wish to help it, but that amount of pain leaves them frightened, and fear can easily produce aggression.This can make saving a dog like this one quite a dangerous prospect. Her skin condition left her in terrible pain, and even though she cried out when touched, she let her rescuer place her gently in the truck so that she could get the help that she deserved.

She was taken back to the rescue sanctuary where her skin was treated and she was given a warm, safe place to eat and food to eat. Also, she was given love from humans, something she may not have ever had in her life. She blossomed under the care of her rescuers and her hair even grew back. She turned out to be quite the beautiful girl. She has been spayed and this loving pooch is ready for her forever home. We’re so glad this sad story has the happiest of endings.