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Puppy Digs A Hole On The Beach – Watch His Hilarious Reaction To An Incoming Wave

It’s warm and sunny and it looks like summer is just around the corner. Our winter clothes are stored away and replaced with shorts, t-shirts, and sundresses. It’s time to start shopping for bathing suits, sunscreen, and pool noodles for the kiddos. As the weather gets hotter, the place to spend the steamy days is by the water, whether it’s the local pool or the beach. Pretty soon, everyone will brave the traffic and drive to the coast on weekends – to have fun like this adorable puppy…

Families that enjoy the beach enjoy it for all kinds of different reasons. Some people like to sit under a colorful umbrella and read. Others like to enjoy everything that the weather has to offer. Some people swim in the deep water, enjoying the gentle swells beyond the waves, while others enjoy splashing in the waves at the edge of the beach. Others surf or bodyboard, making full use of the waves. While some hide under an umbrella and others play in the water, an entire other group enjoys playing in the sand. There are people buried up to their necks and others are building elaborate sand castles. Some just dig holes as big as they can, watching them fill up with water and sand.

Dogs like labrador retrievers and puppies like the adorable golden retriever in the video generally love the water. They are bred to retrieve and are very strong swimmers. So, they usually like the beach, as well. But, this puppy doesn’t appreciate the water in this particular instance. He enjoys digging a hole in the sand, only to have it ruined by a wave. Then, he throws the most adorable puppy temper tantrum!

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