These Cute Pugs in Adorable Outfits Go Sledding. Their Jolly Faces Will Win Your Heart! - Most Exciting Planet

These Cute Pugs in Adorable Outfits Go Sledding. Their Jolly Faces Will Win Your Heart!

The owner of these adorable chubbies decided to take them out in the snow to take cute pictures. Pugs are not big fans of cold or snow, but they do look precious in winter attire. The key to having fun outdoors when it’s cold is bringing a sled. So, here you have it, cute pugs in adorable clothes sledding with big grins on their faces. Such a great mood booster! These cuties will win your heart and bring a smile on your face. Please, LIKE and SHARE.

Pugs and cold weather don’t go well together. Even though most pugs have a good layer of fat, it doesn’t keep them warm. Pugs’ skin is very sensitive to hot and cold temperatures because of the short coat. This breed needs winter clothes just like we do. Another important part of pugs’ winter attire is booties. This breed has very gentle paws, that have a tendency to crack. It is very important to keep the areas between toes clean and apply Vaseline before going for a walk. Salt and chemicals that are used during winter can damage your dog’s paws. That is why you should consider booties and preventative care.
We all know how clumsy pugs can be. On ice-covered sidewalk a simple thing like dog’s untrimmed nails can be dangerous for both you and your pet. Try to shorten the walks with your pug when it’s cold outside. A dog might catch a cold, and it will only add problems to the existing ones of this brachycephalic breed.
Some pugs become inactive because of the cold. In this case, you should cut back on your dog’s food. This breed, as we know, is prone to obesity, and it is our duty to make sure they are healthy. If your pug dislikes snow, don’t force him. Clear a little pathway from your door to their usual potty area.