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She Practically Lives On A Cruise Ship And Her Reason Will Make You Question Everything

Recently, a man took a cruise and noticed that there was an older, retirement age lady passenger who was by herself. He saw her around the cruise ship at mealtimes and using the various amenities available. He inquired about the woman to his waiter one evening, and he had no explanation or information on the stranger but noted that she had been on the last four cruises in a row. Curious, the man approached her and discovered an incredible reason for her extended time at sea.

As it turns out, the woman had chosen to spend her retirement aboard cruise ships. That may sound like an odd choice, but her reasons were actually incredibly practical. As it turns out, with senior discounts and the discount for multiple or long-term cruising, “living” on a cruise ship is actually less expensive than a private nursing home or assisted living facility. If you think about it, the amenities and services are much better and she gets to enjoy a traveling, vacation lifestyle instead of living in a nursing home. She spoke of all the benefits, like clean sheets and towels every day, pool and gym, tasty meals, bonuses like free shampoo, toothpaste, and importantly, the doctor who is always on board. This is how she has decided to spend her retirement time and funds and we have to admit that it’s a pretty excellent idea. This might be how I plan my own golden years!

While this may say something about the prohibitive cost of long-term care for the elderly, this woman’s creativity and zest for life are impressive. While this isn’t the perfect situation for everyone, it gives her the opportunity to travel and meet new in interesting folks along the way.

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