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He even has the proper colors. LOL!

It is always a pleasure to watch Irish Dancing, but when it’s performed by a Black-headed Caique, it’s a double pleasure. These birds are known for their goofy personalities, and their ability to make people laugh. Caiques might not be able to talk, but their dancing moves and clownlike behavior surely put smiles on their owners’ faces. The owner of this parrot filmed his bird dancing. He also added Irish Dance music to the video, which is brilliant. Please, enjoy and SHARE this talented bird’s performance!

Caiques are sometimes called dancing parrots because of their habit of hopping forward, scooting backward, and bobbing its head all around. With proper training they can hop on command. In the wild, such dance is the way of showing dominance or claiming territory.
Bird experts consider the Caique to be one of the most unusual birds. It has very little resemblance and genetic connection to the other parrots. Caique is almost a species itself. Why is this bird considered a parrot? Aside from the hook bill – common feature among parrots – the Caique can also mate with other parrots. In nature you will not see a pelican trying to mate with a duck. Different species just don’t have a natural affinity for each other.
Caiques are built for climbing. Parrot’s hinged upper beak is a unique trait that is believed to be evolved from the bird’s habit of climbing. Their beaks move simultaneously with their feet. Another very convenient feature of Caiques is the birth order. Their eggs don’t hatch at the same time. Some chicks are born 2 weeks before their brothers or sisters. It helps parents keep up with the little ones’ demands, and increases their chance of survival.
Caiques make a very unique sound whenever they fly. Some say they sound just like a helicopter.