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Parents Have First Christmas With A New Baby And It’s Not What They Expected

The holiday season is not over yet, but for those that celebrate Christmas, we are still cleaning up the mess, feeling stuffed from that Christmas dinner, and preparing to return to work in the next few days. I can only hope that your Christmas was as pleasant as mine. It was simple and quiet, with only a few gifts and wonderful quality time with a couple of people that are most special to me. The couple in this video had their first Christmas with their new baby…

I don’t have children myself but I do have a wonderful niece and nephew. Each year I carefully choose gifts for them and visit their house on sometime around Christmas to drop them off. I’m always amazed at the difference in their house and mine, simply because of the kids. My decorations consist of a wreath on the front door. On Christmas day, I sleep in, drink wine, and enjoy a quiet day off with food and close friends. My brother and sister-in-law’s house boasts a huge tree, stuffed stockings, mountains of gifts, and I can only imagine that Christmas day is full of family chaos. Christmas is about the kids, after all.

My brother and sister-in-law have had years of practice, but I think their first year with a baby at Christmas must have resembled something much like the experience of the couple in this funny, sweet, heartwarming video. Christmas is no longer just about them and simple things like Christmas decorations become hazards for the little one. Christmas card photos are frustrating and baby screams all the way through her first visit with Santa. But, despite the complications and inevitable exhaustion, these new parents experience a whole new magic of the season that is all about children.