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Nurse Films An Extremely Rare Birth. This Is A Fascinating Medical Miracle!

When a woman is pregnant, the unborn baby spends its life in the mother’s womb. It grows and develops in something called the amniotic sac until it’s time for the baby to enter the world. When the mother goes into labor, the amniotic sac breaks. This is water is commonly referred to as ‘her water broke’. But, once in about every 80,00o births, the amniotic sac doesn’t break. In this amazing video, witness a baby entering the world in a fully enclosed amniotic sac.

This baby had a rare birth in more ways than one. The video, recorded in Spain by a nurse, show the baby in the full amniotic sac. This is incredibly rare, but this unique baby is also a twin! Just minutes before, the baby’s twin sibling came into the world in a completely normal delivery. When a baby is born fully enclosed in the amniotic sac it is known as an “en caul” birth. The word “caul” means “helmeted head” or “veil.” A “veil” is actually a pretty accurate description of how a baby looks during this type of birth. Through the thin membrane, we are actually able to see the baby, exactly as it would have looked inside the womb. Of course, the advanced technology of today allows us to see the baby in the womb throughout their entire nine-month development process. We can even see them in color! But it’s nothing like witnessing a baby ‘in the womb’ in actual real life. Even the doctors and nurses, who see all manner of births and rare medical events appear to be in awe as they observe the tiny baby on the table, still enclosed in the amniotic sac. We can see as the baby moves slowly in the amniotic fluid and can even see the still attached umbilical cord. Amazing!