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When Their Nest Is Knocked To The Ground, Mama Squirrel Stops At Nothing To Rescue Her Babies

For most animal species, it is the mother animal who raises the young. Mothers, whether they are human or animal, are known for their tenacity when protecting and raising their babies. The term ‘mama bear’ is certainly no accident. It refers to the fact that a mother bear will stop at nothing to protect her cubs, especially of she feels they are threatened. Approaching a ‘mama bear’ of any species can be a particularly dangerous situation. This mama squirrel may not be dangerous, but she is determined!

When landscapers came to work on a particular set of coconut trees, they did not notice the carefully built nest perched among the branches. As they worked, they knocked the nest to the ground. In that nest were three newborn squirrel babies. They were so new and so tiny that they hadn’t opened their eyes and their hairless bodies were extremely vulnerable. As the homeowners looked on, the mother squirrel appeared, determined to save her tiny babies. She is not a ‘mama bear’ in the sense that she is at all aggressive, but she stops at nothing to make sure her babies are safe.

First, she comes for each little baby individually, taking them carefully in her mouth and moving them out of harm’s way. Once she finds a temporary safe space for them, she works quickly to build a new nest for her little family. Finally, she moves each of the babies to their new home, one at a time. It’s important to remember that we have built our homes in areas where wild animals once lived, and often they continue to share the space with them. If we are careful and respectful, there is no reason we can’t live right alongside the wildlife in our own backyards.

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