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Neglected Bull Is Chained His Entire Life. Then He Gets His First Taste Of Freedom

Most of us agree that pets like dogs and cats deserve loving, caring homes. We make sure that they have warm beds to sleep in, good food to eat, toys to play with, and plenty of affection from people. But, we often forget that there are plenty of species of animals out there who we may not consider pets, but who also deserve some respect and care. You may only think of cows and bulls are livestock animals and food, but they are thinking, feeling beings.

Though I have been a vegetarian for many years, it’s not for me to judge other people for whether they choose to eat meat. But, I should hope that people agree that all animals, even those intended for food, deserve to be treated humanely while alive. I can’t tell what this bull’s purpose was, but for the entire beginning of his life he was chained up and had virtually no freedom to move around. He was nearly immobile¬†and knew nothing about running, jumping, or playing. He did not know what it was like to lay down in a bed of comfy straw and he especially did not know about the kind, compassionate touch of a human.

If you have ever doubted that certain animals have feelings, watch the bull in this video. When he is chained, he is dull and obviously happy. He craves the tiniest bit of affection from his rescuer. When he is finally freed from his chains, his demeanor and expression completely change. He radiates joy and excitement. In his new home, he romps about, enjoying his newfound freedom, and scratches himself in a bed of fresh, clean straw. And when he asks for affection from his new human best friend, he looks completely content.