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This Native American Version Of ‘Unchained Melody’ Is Unforgettable

There are certain songs that stand out in your memory. As soon as you hear the song or even just the first few bars, you are immediately transported to an entirely different time and place. It may be to the place where you first heard that song or it may be to the place where you heard the song for the thousandth time. It evokes a strong memory of a time, place, or even another person. Unchained Melody is one of those songs for me.

It is said that the sense of smell evokes the strongest memories for people. But, I truly think it is the sense of hearing for me. When I’m in the car I still listen to the same radio station that I listened to all through middle school and high school. Strangely, though the station does play some current music, they still play many if the same songs, albums, and artists that I remember from my teenage years. My iTunes playlists are like a time capsule of the same music. It’s not that I would ever want to go back to my teenage years, but listening to the music of that period is comforting and familiar, like an old friend. Though the song ‘Unchained Melody’ was not considered current when I was a teen, it’s a song that’s very familiar. Even though it was a ‘classic’ by then, it was still played at school dances, was prominently featured in the movie ‘Ghost’ that we all loved, and later, was played at weddings that I attended for friends.

Though the Righteous Brothers version is perhaps the best-known version of the song, this beautiful version deserves some attention, as well. I have a whole new appreciation for one of my favorite songs!