I was holding my breath the whole time! - Most Exciting Planet

I was holding my breath the whole time!

Kevin Richardson is known as “The Lion Whisperer.” He is a South African animal behaviorist who works with animals in Africa. This man bonds with lions in a very special way that would make any animal lover envious. In this video Richardson spends some time with a lioness and her 1-week-old cubs. The way she reacts to his touches is incredible. I was holding my breath when Richardson picked up a cub. The last scene is just majestic. Please, enjoy and SHARE.

Kevin Richardson was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He studied zoology at the college, but quit due to repetitive lessons on marine biology instead of mammals. That’s when he realized his passion for animals will probably stay just a hobby. He switches the field of study at the college to physiology and anatomy. After graduating he worked as an exercise physiologist. At the age of 23 the owner of the Lion Park, Rodney Fuhr, hired Richardson as a part-time employee. There he got a chance to work with 2 lion cubs Tau and Napoleon. The three bonded very fast. Richardson even slept next to those cubs. Since then, he has worked with cheetahs, leopards, and hyenas. Richardson admits that he only works with animals he has known since they were born. He would never try anything like what we’ve seen with big cats in the wild.
Richardson and his team work with animals for the commercial filming industry and make documentaries to generate income to fund the Lion Park. He also spreads the awareness about lion’s decreasing population, and works on changing hyenas’ reputation.
Richardson also cares for 39 lions in a special facility called the Kingdom of the White Lion in Broederstroom. This sanctuary was set up with the help of Rodney Fuhr for the set of the movie White Lion. Currently, thepark is private, but there are plans to open it to the public.