Not only did he make a difference, he inspires to follow in his footsteps. - Most Exciting Planet

Not only did he make a difference, he inspires to follow in his footsteps.

Today we tell you an incredible story about a man from Majuli Island, India. When Jadav Payeng was a teenager he was devastated to find out that animals in his area had been dying due to the lack of vegetation. The young boy has alerted the forest department, but they said nothing would grow there. Since no one else cared, Jadav took matters in his own hands. Every day, the young boy would plant a tree. 37 years later, his oasis is larger than Central Park. Please, SHARE.

What a wonderful example of how much we can achieve if we set our heart and mind to it!
Mājuli Island It is formed by Brahmaputra river in the south and Kherkutia Xuti, an anabranch of the Brahmaputra, joined by the Subansiri river in the north. It has been the cultural capital of Assamese civilization since the 16th century. During Colonization it was ruled by the British, until India gained independence in 1947.
The area had had suffered from earthquakes during the 1600s, a catastrophic flood in 1750 that continued for 15 days, which resulted in the expansion of Brahmaputra river and further erosion. At the beginning of the 20th century, the island had a total area of 1,250 square kilometres (483 sq mi), today it covers only around 880 sq km. The water resource department & The Brahmaputra Board have been struggling to solve the erosion problem for the last three decades without much success. Recently it was suggested that a four-lane highway protected by concrete mat along the southern boundary of Majuli and excavation of river bed of the Brahmaputra River is the only possible way to solve the existing problem. The researches believe that in 15–20 years from now, Mājuli would disappear. So far, no one has done more to save the island than Jadav Payeng.
Majuli holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest river island in the world. In 2005, UNESCO declared the island as a World Heritage Site.