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Man With Alzheimer’s Goes Missing. What He’s Doing When They Find Him? Grab The Tissues!

Three years ago, Melvyn Amrine was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and as a result, he has lost much of his memory. He can’t remember simple things and needs help with simply getting by day to day. The transition has been extremely difficult for his wife Doris. Together, they built and shared a life, and now she is the only one who carries those memories with her. But, she loves her husband and he loves her and they continue to have a life together.

There are some days when Melvyn remembers better than others. Some days, his past and long life with his beautiful wife are as clear as day. Those moments are rare, but they do happen. Even though he can’t always remember specific names, places, and events, his love for his wife is so strong that he knows that he loves her, always.

Melvyn shocked and worried everyone in his family and even the police in his hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. He disappeared. Melvyn normally needs help to do basic things like walk around the block, so it was highly unusual that he would just be gone. The police were contacted and as calls like these are actually somewhat common, they began looking for Melvyn.

The police were able to find Melvyn, but to their surprise, he wasn’t wandering around lost and disoriented. He was walking with a purpose. When asked where he was going, he told everyone that he was on his way to buy flowers for his wife. He had a very good reason: it was they day before Mother’s Day and he wanted to celebrate the occasion. Melvyn was delivered home safely and his heartwarming tale of unending love has gone viral. Never underestimate the power of love.