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A Little Girl Has A Favorite Stuffed Toy. Then Her Parents Decide To Bring It To Life

Every little girl dreams of having a puppy of her very own. Especially for Christmas. I can remember spending many Christmases wishing for a puppy, and hoping to find one under the tree. I could imagine just what it would look like. It would look exactly like my favorite stuffed toy and would immediately be my best friend. The puppy would play with me during the day, snuggle in my lap, and cuddle in bed with me at night. It would be just like this…


I never got my puppy under the Christmas tree, but I did get a puppy for my birthday. That tiny dog was my childhood companion and best friend and led to a lifetime of having dogs as pets. I have had several rescue dogs over the years and my home is never without a dog, but I will never forget that tiny bundle of fur and the way I felt when she appeared on my birthday. I imagine that the little girl in this video felt much the same way.

This little girl, Daisy, had a very specific Christmas wish. Her favorite stuffed toy is a little brown dog named Luna. All she wanted for Christmas was that Luna could be a real dog. I imagine it took quite a bit of planning on her parents’ part; they had to find a puppy that matched her stuffed toy, but Daisy’s parents made their little girls’ wish come true. From Daisy’s reaction, it looks like all of their efforts were worth it. When she closes her eyes and her parents place to live puppy in her arms, she can hardly believe what is happening. She is completely overcome with emotion and can’t contain her sobs. Merry Christmas Daisy!