You can't help but smile watching their reactions. - Most Exciting Planet

You can’t help but smile watching their reactions.

It was a regular slow day at Mount Olivet Senior Care Center. No one expected anything out of the ordinary to happen. “I AM KINDNESS” is group of volunteers that perform random acts of kindness. They try to inspire people to be compassionate and help those in need any way you help. This time the group decided to visit a nursing home and surprise the female residents with beauty and pampering service. It is a joy to watch ladies’ reactions. Please, SHARE and don’t forget to be kind!

More than 1 million Americans live in senior care facilities. One-third of all Americans will require nursing home care at some time in their lives. Adjusting to a life in such facility can be very challenging. Poor adaptation can lead to many may health problems, including depression, which may decrease resident’s quality of life. A positive transition into a senior care facility can enhance the senior’s abilities, and overall outlook on life. The elderly need mental stimulation and socialization to keep their minds healthy. This is exactly what volunteers are for. They are needed to provide company for residents and assist in hosting dance and game nights. Such activities boost up the mood and bring the feeling of home. Federal law requires any hospice receiving financial support from Medicare or Medicaid to have at least 5% of the care provided to residents done through volunteers.
If you love interacting with people, you will be greatly appreciated at a nursing home. Helping with simple tasks like sewing a button can make you a hero there. You will never feel lonely or underappreciated. Volunteering at a senior care facility will also put your problems into perspective.
For positions held by high-school-age volunteers the responsibility level is low. Typically, no formal training is necessary. However, the majority of positions working with hospice patients require some sort of training.