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Keith Urban Pays An Emotional Tribute To Many Of The Artists We Lost In 2016

Thank goodness it’s finally 2017! 2016 was a rough year, especially when you consider the deaths of so many great musicians that occurred in a single 365 day period. 2016 saw the death of David Bowie, Merle Haggard, Glenn Frey, Prince, Leonard Cohen, and George Michael. Each of these legendary artists left their mark on the music industry and the millions of people who listened to their music and purchased their records. Each death was mourned by legions of devoted fans and for very good reason. At least we still have the music…

Keith Urban is well on his way to becoming a music legend himself and is enormously talented. In this video, he takes on songs from each of the artists: George Michael’s “Careless Whisper”, “Take It Easy” written by the Late Glenn Frey, a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried,” David Bowie’s “Heroes,” and Prince’s “Purple Rain.” He’s in a simple setting, what appears to be a cozy living room, and it’s just Keith and his acoustic guitar. Each song is extremely recognizable and of a different style, but Keith covers each one brilliantly. He manages to add his own unique style to each cover while maintaining the integrity of these legendary, popular pieces of music history.

Music has the amazing ability to transport each of us back to a specific time and place. Sometimes, when I hear a certain song, it can easily bring a memory to the forefront of my mind. Perhaps it’s a time and place that I heard the song or a person that I heard it with, but that memory is forever linked with the familiar song. Perhaps this power that music holds is why we treasure these songs and the musicians who brought them to us in the first place.