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Charley Just Might Be The Cutest Workout Buddy!

Charley, a cute duckling imprinted on the man from the next video and refused to leave his side. The guy took full responsibility and started teaching the bird everything a duck is supposed to know. Every day these two would start with a workout. Charley might be small, but he has no problem keeping up. You can hear his cute feet slap the sidewalk. He’s trying so hard, it’s both impressive and adorable. Watching him run makes me smile ear to ear. Please, enjoy and SHARE this cutie.

Imprinting was first reported in the 19th century by an amateur biologist Douglas Spalding. The phenomenon was later studied extensively and popularized by Konrad Lorenz. He noted that during the “critical period” (between 13–16 hours after hatching) birds imprinted on any moving stimulus. Lorenz also discovered that the stimulus might be just any moving object. He noticed that the goslings imprinted not on himself, but on his boots. Ducklings from later experiments even followed a box placed on a model train in circles around the track.
The Italian hang-glider pilot Angelo d’Arrigo learned that a non-motorized hang-glider is similar to the flight patterns of migratory birds: both use currents of hot air to gain altitude that then permits soaring. He used that knowledge to re-introduce into the wild some threatened species of raptors. The chicks would hatch under the wing of his glider, and imprint on him. D’Arrigo would teach them to fly and to hunt. The birds would follow him on his glider to various migratory routes. He flew across the Sahara and over the Mediterranean Sea to Sicily with eagles, from Siberia to Iran (5,500 km) with a flock of Siberian cranes, and over Mount Everest with Nepalese eagles. In 2006, he worked with a condor in South America.
A similar project was don by the Canadian ultralight enthusiast Bill Lishman. He trained orphaned Canada geese to their normal migration route, which the movie drama Fly Away Home was based on.