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An Injured Deer Is Ready To Give Up. But, Then He Decides To Save Her.

As cities expand into suburbs and suburbs continue to sprawl. Humans are taking up more and more space that was once inhabited by wildlife. Your housing development or apartment building was probably once a forest or a field, a place where animals like deer, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, and even bears, used to make their home. Now, without a place to live, these animals are forced to exist among us. We often consider them a nuisance and unfortunately, animals are sometimes injured by humans.

It a sad and common sight: a deer, in this case, a roe deer, has been hit by a car on the road. Deer are incredibly quick and theirĀ coat color allows them to blend with their surroundings. Because of this, motorists often don’t spot a deer that is about to run across the road until it’s too late. It’s a bad situation for everyone involved. The driver’s car is usually damaged, sometimes completely totaled, and the deer is either injured or killed. When this female roe deer was struck on the road, someone called the incident into Wildlife Aid Foundation, in hopes that they would help the injured animal. This man immediately showed up to help.

He picked up the stunned and injured little deer and placed her in the back of his car. He drove her to the vet, who quickly stitched up her wounds and gave her a painkiller. Time is of the essence, as too long out of the wild could cause ‘capture myopathy’, a build-up of lactic acid that causes rapid muscle death. They got her back to the woods as quickly as possible, but at first, it didn’t appear that she had the will to carry on. But, with his coaxing, the little deer finds her strength.