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Huge Bird Was Drowning In The Water. Then She Made A Daring Rescue

Because they share the planet with us, we are around wild animals more than we realize. We may think of wild animals as those that we visit in zoos, safely locked in their enclosures and cared for by knowledgeable staff and keepers. But is you take a moment to think about it, wild animals are all around us, even if you are living in a city. Since we live in such close quarters, animals sometimes need our help – like the osprey in this video…

Ospreys are found around water and the water is their major source of food. They will dive into the water below them to catch the fish just below the surface. However, though they are comfortable flying in and out of the water, they are not “swimmers”. The osprey in this video was most likely a younger osprey who hit the water hard and was a bit stunned, causing it to become waterlogged. With its feather completely wet, it couldn’t get itself out of the water enough to fly off and was in immediate danger of drowning.

The lady in the video did an excellent job of rescuing the struggling bird and most likely saved its life. As the osprey climbed up the paddle she offered to help it out of the water, she made sure to avert her eyes and not make eye contact, which could have been mistaken as a challenge by the large bird with a razor sharp beak and talons.

As humans we should make an effort to live in harmony with the wild animals around us. Even the squirrels and pigeons deserve our respect. We are the beings that hold all the power and it is up to us to use that power in a positive way.