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Who knew a horse could get so excited about a zipper?!

Animals can be so goofy, especially when they discover the wonders of the human-made things. The lady from the next video was approached by a horse. She’s been petting it, when the animal spotted her zipper. Minutes later, the horse got completely obsessed with it. Watching her have a blast with the zipper is a joy. I would never leave if I met this horse, she can play with my zipper all day, any day. Enjoy this funny video, and don’t forget to SHARE it with your friends!

Horses were domesticated more than 5,000 years ago. Humans have been relying on them for centuries and became very connected. Horses are highly social animals. In the wild they depend on good communication with each other to keep every member of the herd safe. Horses have a wide variety of warning signals: snorting, pricked ears and stamping are only a few of them. These animals can also signal information about food to each other. There’s no reason why they wouldn’t try to communicate with humans as well. Anyone who spends a lot of time with horses will tell you they are anything but “dumb” animals.
Horse have the ability to learn, and also the troubleshooting ability. They can easily open all kinds of latches, and even zippers as we learned today.
Horses can do a lot with positive training and good reward system. The only problem is the fact that these animals are easily upset. They associate every experience with the tasks they are asked to perform. Negative associations may cause problems during training. If a horse has been kicked when mounted a few times, it will start to associate being mounted with being kicked. The animal will start hating the process unless it can be overcame by treats or something pleasant.
Horses also learn their daily routine. They know when it is feeding time, or when they can expect treats. It is important for them to have a consistent owner, who is on time.