I'm laughing so hard, I'm actually crying. :-D - Most Exciting Planet

I’m laughing so hard, I’m actually crying. :-D

Dog owners know that when you have a dog, occasional mischief is inevitable. While we are at work, our pets must entertain themselves somehow. Well, sometimes their entertainment doesn’t sit well with our expectations. How many times have you come back into a messy or half-destroyed house? How many of your shoes have been chewed? Do your dogs like Kleenex and toilet paper? Did your dog act like the goofballs from this compilation? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just enjoy this hilarious video. Please, LIKE and SHARE!

Scientists keep arguing about whether the dogs are able to experience guilt, or if they are just responding to the angry or dominant body language of their owners. When we scold them, we are towering over, showing direct eye contact, using an accusatory tone of voice. The animal might act submissive, feeling or hearing our displeasure. Animals ‘live in the moment’ and do what seems appropriate to them at the time. The researchers believe they don’t know the feeling of guilt the way we do. However, dogs’ mental development is often compared to one in toddlers. It means that while it’s not clear whether our canines feel the complex social emotions of shame and guilt, they are definitely able to experience basic emotions like excitement, distress, contentment, disgust, fear, anger, joy, suspicion and love.
Cognitive ethologist Dr. Marc Bekoff noted in a 2014 op-ed for Live Science, dogs have the same neural bases for emotions as other mammals that do experience complex social emotions like guilt. This fact suggests that dogs might be able to experience such emotion as guilt, but it will not be over making a mess, or chewing up your shoes.
I believe dog owners know best. Even in this compilation there that guy, who shows his excitement about coming home to his dogs. Then he just asks about his pants, without raising his voice or sounding angry. Anyways, we all know the truth.