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High School Dance Team Had A Pixar Themed Pep Rally. Now They’re Internet Sensations!

I remember going to a few high school assemblies and pep rallies, but they were nothing like this! Walde Grove High School’s talented dance team has made their pep rallies into something that the entire country wants to watch. With this Pixar-themed dance performance, they wowed the school audience, and have gained the attention of the entire country. The video has millions of view on Youtube, and NBA teams are asking them to perform during the games. Watch the video and please like and share!

High schools have all kinds of performances like talent shows, band concerts, and dance exhibitions at pep rallies and assemblies, but few reach the amazing level of this high school dance team. They are a state championship dance team at the high school level, but this performance shows that they can compete with the best, even people who are older and more experienced. In fact, after seeing this video and hearing about all of the “buzz” surrounding it, the team was approached by NBA’s representative Phoenix Suns and invited to perform at a game between the team and the Chicago Bulls. They may have only been performing together for a few years, but this team looks like they’ve been together forever. All of the hard work and practice is really paying off.

The dance/skit features well-known and lesser-known characters from popular Pixar movies like “Monster’s Inc”, “Finding Nemo”, and “Toy Story”. These dancers are the right age to have grown up watching these movies and I can imagine the stories are close to their hearts. Their passion shows in their entertaining, energetic, and precise performance. They tell a fun, cohesive story, and it’s easy to see why they have captured the attention of so many. We hope to see more of them!