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This Guy Pulls Out a Violin in the Middle of a Market, and Turns The Place Into a Big Party.

New York City is full of surprises. You might suddenly become a witness to spectacular performances in the most unexpected places. Just like the people from the next video. It was a busy day in the famous NYC Italian market, Eataly. The customers were exploring the delicacies, when, suddenly a guy started playing “Smooth Criminal” on a violin. In a minute, the market turned into a big party. When a classical music instrument meets pop culture and street performers, it’s something worth watching. Please, SHARE.

David Garrett is an incredibly talented world-class violin virtuoso. He is passionate about introducing young people to the classics. Combining classical elements with those of pop and rock, his live shows are beyond compare. David Garrett sets trends of his own, because he is way ahead of his time. Who would’ve thought of interlacing Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ with Mozart’s ‘Turkish March’? To be able to spread his vision, first, he had to make a name for himself in the classical music scene. Well, Garett has already slayed that scene.
David started playing violin at the age of 4. At 10, he was already performing with the Hamburg Philharmonics. At age 13 he was the youngest artist to sign a contract with the Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft. In 1999, David left Germany for New York. To perfect his technique, he enrolled in Julliard. In 2003, Garett’s fugue composed in the style of Johann Sebastian Bach wins the Composition Competition of Julliard School.
Since then, David Garett has released over 20 studio albums. He was rewarded with an ECHO Classic 2008 in the category “Classic without Borders.” In the USA, the album “David Garrett” stayed number one in the classical and classical crossover charts for months. The next ECHO award in the category “Bestseller of the Year” Garett got for his “Classic Romance”. In 2011, David received 2 ECHO awards for his unique “Rock Symphonies.” Garett was 2008 GQ Award Man of the Year in category music. He also holds a Guinness World Record as World’s Fastest Violinist.