I started bawling when he turned around! - Most Exciting Planet

I started bawling when he turned around!

Shannon has been looking for that one true love for a long time. Her search was over when she met Don and his two wonderful sons. Being a hopeless romantic, Shannon was very excited about the upcoming wedding. As a daddy’s girl, she also looked forward for that Father & Daughter dance, but it wasn’t meant to happen. Shannon’s dad passed away 1 month after finding out he had cancer. Knowing how much dad meant for her, Don prepared a very special surprise for the wedding day. Please, SHARE.

The first strong bond with a male is the one girls have with their father. Dad is the role model, an example for a daughter of what to look for in a man, of how to be treated by a man.
Back in the days (still in some cultures today), it was very common for girls to have either arranged marriages or be purchased by their future groom. The root of the word “wedding” – “wedd” comes from Anglo-Saxon, meaning a “pledge” or “vow”. This either referred to the groom vowing to marry the woman, or make a money or trade agreement with the bride’s father for his daughter. Bride’s father could get land, social status, or even political reputation.
The tradition of “giving away” would signify that the bride’s family would no longer have control over her or her possessions (dowry), and that her husband would respectfully take on the responsibilities and obligations. Placing his daughter’s hand into the hand of the groom symbolized the father’s acceptance of the groom’s suitability, and his blessing for his daughter to leave home.
The Father-Daughter Dance is a long standing tradition. Originally, this dance came first in the celebration. The father danced with the bride then presented her to the groom to dance into a new life. It is a beautiful way to express the transitions of the bride and the two most important men in her life.
By 2000, nursing homes had become a 100 billion dollar industry.