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This is such a great idea!

Great Danes are massive and sturdy, but also low-energy dogs. They require as much food and exercise as dogs of average size. Luther loves jogging alongside his owner’s bicycle. The only problem is that this gentle giant gets tired too fast. It is not easy for those long legs to support such a massive body weight, Great Danes’ average weight is 100-150 lbs. So, Luther’s owner came up with a great solution to let them both enjoy their outings. Please, SHARE his brilliant idea!

The Great Dane was bred specifically for hunting boars, which are massive, fast, aggressive and dangerous animals. The breed had to possess all the necessary traits to be up to the task. Great Danes came out as a combination of three breeds: Irish Wolfhounds for height, Mastiffs for muscle mass and Greyhounds for speed.
When Danes are born, they weigh only one or two pounds. In just half a year, they can gain as much as 100 pounds. Great Dane puppies continue to mature and grow until they’re 2-3 years old.
Surprisingly, Great Danes are not the largest dogs in the World, English mastiffs are. However, the tallest dog currently recognized by Guinness World Book of Records is a Great Dane, named Zeus. Zeus stands 3 feet, 8 inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. He was measured 1 inch taller than the previous record holder, another Great Dane, Giant George.
You would think that these gigantic dogs would need tons of food. But it’s not the case, unless you have a Great Dane Puppy. Puppies of this breed are very energetic and need their bellies to be filled frequently. They also need a lot more exercise than adult Danes. For a grown up Great Dane a 20-minute daily walk is enough to keep him in good shape. That makes the breed perfect for apartment living.