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Be Considerate Of The Wildlife, And Don’t Forget To Crush Cans For Recycling!

The man from this video heard a strange animal call coming from his backyard. As he came out, he noticed a fox cub struggling with an empty can on his head. This cutie solves the mystery: what does a fox say. After being rescued, the cub shows his appreciation. This video is a great reminder for us to be considerate of the nature and wild animals. Don’t litter, pick up your trash, crush cans and bottles, recycle. Please, SHARE this video with your friends, who live close to nature.

We are pushing the animals away from their homes by destroying or taking over their habitat. We are responsible for causing changes in the environment and polluting the nature. We keep taking and killing. Because human population is growing so fast, animals and plants are disappearing 1000 times faster than they have in the past 65 million years. Scientists estimate that in the 21st century 100 species will become extinct every day.
Trying to protect the crops from pests, farmers poison the water and the soil. Bugs that do not hurt the crops die. The birds and mammals who eat these poisoned bugs may also die, or stop reproducing. Dairy, meat, leather farms poison the nature with toxins. Every year, millions of animals die in agony on those farms, so that we could have good steaks to eat, or pretty shoes to wear. Other animals suffer their whole life while being used for experimentation. By choosing non-leather items, cruelty-free brands, and reducing meat in your diet, you may help save a couple of million animals.
But arrogance is only one of the reasons behind the disappearance of animal species, stupidity is another one. Contraband, trophies, ridiculous beliefs, are serious perils for endangered animals. Some people turn rare exotic animals into their pets. They die soon enough without proper care, or end up in a zoo. By not purchasing products made from endangered animals or their parts, you can stop wildlife trafficking from being a profitable enterprise.