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First Released 52 Years Ago, Watch This Beautiful New Version Of ‘The Sound Of Silence’

There are some songs that no matter age or musical tastes, people will recognize, as soon as the first few notes or bars are played. These are the types of songs that even if you haven’t heard them in many years, you can immediate song along with the words because they feel so familiar. There is something about these songs that resonate with generation after generation – they will always be loved. ‘The Sound Of Silence’ is one of those songs and this is another uniquely fantastic version.

I can’t remember the first time that I heard ‘The Sound Of Silence’, I just know that it feels like I have always known and loved the song. I also don’t know who was singing it that first time, though the original Simon and Garfunkel version continues to be one of my favorites. But, there have been many covers of the song in the years following its release and popularity, and the version in this video, by Celtic Thunder is wonderfully unique. If you are already a fan of theirs (or have never even heard of them), chances are that you will enjoy this performance.

Celtic Thunder is an Irish singing group and live stage show known for its uniquely entertaining and theatrical style. In this show and in most of their shows, the powerful vocal performances are backed by the talented Celtic Thunder Band. Their concert tours and live shows feature dramatic lighting and set pieces that are symbolic of ancient Celtic mythology. They always provide an engaging and interesting show with excellent music – a blend of popular, familiar songs and traditional Celtic music. Their style lends itself incredibly well to ‘The Sound Of Silence’ and I imagine that it is one of the most popular moments of their show.