He hung on just long enough to witness his owner's big day. - Most Exciting Planet

He hung on just long enough to witness his owner’s big day.

Kelly O’Connell adopted her Labrador Charlie 15 years ago. They’d been on many adventures together. When Kelly has met James Garvin, Charlie was glad to welcome him and his sons into their little family. Five years later, Kelly and James decided to tie a knot. They were happy the dog was able to be a part of their wedding. Charlie was dying form a brain tumor. He couldn’t walk down the aisle on his own, so the bridesmaid did this… Please, SHARE this beautiful moment.

The ceremony took place in Colorado, on 9000 feet above the sea level. Right before the wedding, Charlie was playing with the kids and having fun outside. But all the excitement and high altitude made him very tired. After 4 months of being sick, Charlie still hasn’t gotten used to his health issues. Watching Kelly’s sister carry that beloved 80-pound deteriorating lab down the aisle, made the bride and the groom drop to their knees and start crying. There wasn’t a dry eye at the ceremony. Charlie died just eight days following their wedding, surrounded by his loving family in front of a fireplace.
Labrador Retrievers have a life expectancy of around ten to twelve years. Problems with eyesight and hearing loss are common in dogs as they pass middle age. Failing sight doesn’t bother dogs as much as failing hearing. Owners may find it helpful to build associative hand signals for dog’s commands.
The best thing you can do for an aging dog is keeping him in shape. The majority of older canines are overweight. They slow down with age, but eat the same amounts of food. Carrying extra pounds is especially harmful, as it puts a strain on their joints and problems such as arthritis. Breaking dog’s exercise into two or three smaller walks may be just what he needs. If he is reluctant to go on longer walks, it could be that he is suffering from aches and pains. Pain medication can drastically improve some Labradors’ quality of life. Never give dogs human pain analgesics like aspirin or paracetamol, they are not safe for canine use. Consult your veterinarian.