Military Dog Serving in Iraq Gets Shoes to Protect Her Feet. Her Reaction is ADORABLE! - Most Exciting Planet

Military Dog Serving in Iraq Gets Shoes to Protect Her Feet. Her Reaction is ADORABLE!

Summers in Iraq are as hot as Hell itself. With temperatures rising over 110 degrees and no shade or vegetation, the ground gets extremely hot. For Moira, a Belgian Malinois who serves in Iraq, it was a disaster. So, her handler’s wife sent a pair of booties to protect dog’s paws from hot sand. It will take Moira some time to get used to them. But today, we have a pleasure to witness her goofy first steps while following the commands. Please, enjoy and SHARE this video.

The Belgian Malinois is one of four types of Belgian Shepherd dogs. It is the only type with short hair. The Belgian Malinois body’s length is exactly the same as the height. This makes the dog a literal square. Malinois are extremely agile, fast in their reactions and easy to train. They also lack aggression. These dogs are great at protecting their owners, but they will never attack or bark for no reason. All these traits make the Belgian Malinois an outstanding and reliable working dog. They’ve been widely used for different tasks for hundreds of years. This breed came to spotlight when Seal Team Six alongside a Malinois hunted and captured Osama Bin Laden. Belgian Malinois loves being useful and lives for accomplishing tasks. They help police and military with suspect apprehension, explosives and narcotic detection, search and rescue. These dogs are also great at sports. They are known to show outstanding results in agility, obedience, Rally, dock diving, field and retrieving trials, lure coursing, etc. The health requirements for Molinois are very high. The dog must perform at its best. An unfit Molinois cannot be used for work or competitions, and it does not get bred. This makes the Belgian Malinois one of the healthiest dog breeds. However, because they are such hard workers, who always strive for more challenges, they are not always great at being family pets.