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Hero Dog Saves 7 Year Old Girl’s Life By Sacrificing His Own.

Another story that proves that dogs are the best. A 7-year-old girl from Tampa, Florida, was playing in her backyard. Her best friend, German Shepherd, as usual, wouldn’t leave her side. All of sudden, girl’s grandmother heard a scream of terror. She ran outside and saw the dog lying down with his arm bleeding. They rushed to the vet, and that’s where they realized what had happened. The German Shepherd was hailed ‘hero’ for saving the girl’s life, but now he is fighting for his own. Watch the full story.

The German Shepherd Dog is one of the few breeds, whose official name includes the word “dog.” It is because the breed was helping shepherds tend the livestock. So, it was called GSD not to be confused with German shepherd humans.
In the 1900’s a specific sport for German Shepherds, Schutzhund, was very popular. According the United Schutzhund Clubs of America, “It was designed to test the natural instincts of the breed and to weed out the dogs that were either unstable or untrainable.”
During both World Wars, German Shepherds proved to be great companions, helpful partners, and awesome rescue dogs. Many American soldiers brought home these dogs from war zones.
By 1914, the breed became so popular in North America, that it was decided to drop the German attribution at the beginning of the name. In 1917, the American Kennel Club removed the word “German.” It remained that way until 1930, when members of the Breed club voted to change it back.
While many people think the German Shepherds only come in black & tan, black, or white, the AKC actually recognizes eleven colors, including bi-color, black, black & cream, black & red, black & silver, blue, gray, liver and sable.
The breed is very popular in 78 countries worldwide. There are 250,000 purebred GSDs in Germany alone, with about 15,000 puppies born a year. There is even a World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs, and a special club for senior German Shepherds, who are over 12 years old.