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I Think This Dog Is Allergic To Sneezing. I’m About To Explode With Laughter!

What do you do when your dog has the funniest sneeze attack ever? Yes, you record and share it with the whole world. No, it’s not mean. Yes, the dog is just fine. Let’s admit it, we all love a hearty laugh, and this cutie’s sneeze is the most hilarious sound I’ve ever heard! I hope this video will turn your day around, just like it turned around mine. Please, enjoy, and don’t forget to click LIKE and SHARE buttons. Thanks for watching!

Excessive sneezing in dogs is usually caused by either allergies, infections, or foreign bodies being stuck inside their noses.
Allergies in dogs are usually seasonal. Tree pollen is most common in the late spring and early summer, grass pollen is the worst in mid-summer, while other plants generally liberate their pollen in the fall. Each type of allergens, mentioned above, lasts only 2-4 weeks. Usually, dogs are allergic only to one of those. It is quite easy to determine if its an allergy: watering of the eyes, chewing on the feet, and scratching of the sides, followed by sneezing fits – these are the easiest indicators. Some dogs might be allergic to things that thy inhale, such as rug fibers or cigarette smoke.
Infections that cause the dog to sneeze continuously are usually more serious. It may be an infection from a tooth or its root. Dogs also can suffer from a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection of the nose. These infections can occur any time of the year.
It is not unusual for a canine to have a foreign object stuck in its nose. Since dogs are always sniffing around, sticks, dead insects, string, Christmas tinsel, paper clips, can easily gain access into a canine’s nostrils. These foreign objects can cause some horrendous sneezing, some dogs can sneeze up to 20 times per minute.