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This German Shepherd brings something extra to playing dead, and it’s adorable!

German Shepherd Samantha, or Sam, is an aspiring actress. Besides her beauty and poise, she has very impressive acting skills. When Sam wants a treat, her owner makes her earn it. First, he tells her “stay” and “sit.” But when he yells “bang,” Sam lets out a yelp and gracefully falls to the ground. Playing dead may be the oldest trick in the book, but Sam brings something extra to it. Please, enjoy this cute video, and don’t forget to click LIKE and SHARE buttons.

This is a killer trick at parties. It’s not that hard to teach your dog to do that. I’m sure she will also add her personal touch to it.
Before you can begin to teach your dog to do the “play dead” trick, she have some obedience training. First of all, your four-legged friend should obey the “down” and “stay” commands. The next step is the side roll. Command your dog to lie down and stay. Once she is in the proper position, roll her gently onto her side and repeat the “stay” command. You might need to hold her down for a few seconds so that she gets the idea. Remember to use a release word (such as “all done,” “finished,” or “OK”) before giving her the treat. Once you release her, praise her generously. When your dog grasps that part, it’s time to add a verbal cue. You can choose any word or noise for the trick: “Bang!” “Pow!” or “Boom!” are quite simple, some creative pet owners make the sound of a machine gun. You have to be consistent with the cue as your dog will respond only to that sound. The animal will master the trick within two weeks of proper training. Practice regularly if you expect your pet to be ready to perform any time.