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Her facial expressions crack me up!

Denver, also known as the “Guilty Dog,” is one of the Internet’s most famous pets. Her infamous videos go viral in a blink of an eye, all because of Denver’s hilarious facial expressions. In this video her owner tries to give her ear medicine. The dog obviously hates it, because her face says it all. Her disgusted grin cracks me up! We love you, Denver! Please, enjoy the video, and don’t forget to click LIKE and SHARE. I’m sure Denver will make your friends smile.

Denver’s owners always knew she was special, but they didn’t expect the whole world to fall in love with her. On March 8th 2011 they uploaded her first video. After eating cat’s treats the dog admits her guilt and shows how sorry she is. Denver’s family never intended to make her a superstar. They shared the video with their friends and family, who shared it with their friends and families. The video started getting more than 40,000 views per day. Now, over four years later, it has received over 44 million views on YouTube.
Since becoming the internet superstar, Denver has made several appearances on Good Morning America, FOX News, Inside Edition and many more local news stations, she also has made an appearance on Animal Planet’s “Bad Dog”.
All that fame didn’t change Denver’s goofy personality. She still loves chilling with her family, eating cat treats, ornaments, and sleeping on the couch she isn’t supposed to be on. Denver was voted 2011-2015 Most popular dog on the internet, MSN’s Cutest Pet, Animal Planet: Worlds Cutest Pet, Yahoo’s list of Must See Videos 5 times.
Today, Denver even has her own merchandise: plush toys for pets and people, T’shirts and books for kids, you can check it all out at her official website by clicking the link below.