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Dog Doesn’t Care For Newborn Puppies, So This Cat Does Something Wonderful

A young dog has just had puppies, but she does not seem interested in caring for them. So, a kind neighbor decides to help out the newborn puppies, who are crying, hungry, and seeking the loving warmth of a mother. But, the neighbor who decides to help may not be who you think. I was surprised to see Miss Kitty, a long-haired cat, take over caring for the needy puppies. She lost her own litter of kittens and took over looking after the puppies, instead.

On the surface, this does appear to be a heartwarming video of a mother cat kindly caring for a little of abandoned puppies. However, when you look a little closer, there are a few questions and concerns that are raised. Unfortunately, there are millions of abandoned, unwanted, and neglected animals in shelters, rescues, and in the streets and other sad circumstances. One way to prevent this from happening, or to help reduce the problem, is to spay and neuter your pets. Both of the mother animals in this video would have benefitted from being spayed so that they could not contribute to the homeless pet population. In addition, it did not appear that either of the animals is living in the best of conditions. Dogs and cats are thinking, feeling animals and deserve a certain amount of care and compassion. They should have shelter, preferably inside a home, access to adequate food and clean water, and hopefully love from a caring human. This cat and dog were not receiving basic care and the entire situation could have been avoided if they were looked after properly.

Nevertheless, Miss Kitty did a wonderful, heartwarming thing when she decided to adopt the unwanted puppies as her own. We hope the puppies find loving homes.