Seems like the dog is thinking: "I hope those are not mine!" - Most Exciting Planet

Seems like the dog is thinking: “I hope those are not mine!”

This dog has never seen or heard kittens before. So when his roommate, who happens to be a cat, had given birth, the dog couldn’t hide it’s curiosity. The new smells, the new weird sounds coming from the cat’s bed were only stirring up his interest. However, regardless of strong curiosity, the pooch didn’t want to be invasive. The way he explores the kittens from afar is adorable. It seems like he’s questioning himself whether it would be rude to come closer. Please, enjoy and SHARE.

Introducing a new pet takes some time and patience. Even if your other pets have lived peacefully together, there is no guarantee that they will welcome a new kitten or puppy. Usually, older animals easier accept new additions to the family. They are calmer and more tolerant. However, your other dog or cat will need lots of extra attention. They need to know that the newcomer is not a threat to their position in your household.
When you first bring a new pet home, it is important to isolate it. Animals are usually protective of their food and feeding dishes. Choose a room for the new pet in neutral territory, keep his bed and dish there. Animals get to know each other by smell. Your pets will spend a lot of time sniffing each other through the bottom of the door. You may rub a small cloth on kitten’s cheek and introduce it to your other pets so that they get used to it faster.
Some pets are ready to meet the newcomer sooner, others take more time. If your dog growls or barks at the door and your cat hisses and seems upset, it would be better to postpone their face-to-face introduction. When your pets seems ready, introduce them to each other by opening the door just wide enough so they can see and smell each other. Depending on their reactions, gradually open the door wider. Don’t expect instant friendship – that takes time. Spend time with each animal alone and also with the group. Playtime is the best way to bond.