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Dog Attacks A Big Cat With LOVE!

The G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, is a sanctuary for abandoned, misplaced and abused animals. One of its residents, a 500-pound lion named Bonedigger, has a very unusual family. When he was just 4 weeks old, he was introduced to a bunch of Dachshund puppies. They became his pride. Bonedigger is disabled, he suffers from a metabolic bone disease, which also left him blind. One of the dogs, Milo, takes responsibility for keeping this lion clean, while the others protect him. They are too cute. Please, SHARE!

Don’t even think for a second that this lion is trying to get a better taste of that Wiener dog, and he is simply waiting for ketchup. Milo enjoys keeping his friend lion clean, he grooms his coat and takes care of his teeth. Surprisingly, the size of Bonedigger’s canines (which can be almost 3 inches long) don’t scare the Dachshunds he lives with.
Iguanas and cats, leopards and cows, chimps and tigers, animals never stop surprising us with their unusual friendships. In captivity, particularly mammals, are known to seek companionship from the most unexpected species. Dogs and cats make the best adoptive parents, they rarely discriminate. There is something we should learn from them. Dogs and dolphins are great at providing comfort not only to humans, but to other species as well. Canines are common companions for abused cheetahs that live in captivity. Dogs reduce the nervous cats’ stress level. Most abused and misplaced animals in captivity, when put together, tend to bond. Mammals in fact share many of the feelings that people experience. Sometimes, the loss of a parent or baby may push one animal to offer affection to another, even if it is of the different species. Other unusual “friendships” are hard to explain. What researchers are sure of is that some animals enjoy companionship, just the way we do.