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Despite their age, they still rock the dance floor!

Nellia and Dietmar Ehrentraut from Germany call themselves “Boogieshakers.” They love everything Rock-n-Roll: music, fashion, cars, movies, but most of all – dance. They’ve been passionate about all of the above for over 30 years. This year, the couple participated in Boogie Woogie Veterans’ Tournament. Saying they knocked everyone’s socks off wouldn’t do justice to their spectacular performance. There are not enough words to describe how awesome it was, you must see it. And I wanna know what kind of vitamins they take to stay so energetic and flexible! Please, SHARE!

Austrian-born Dietmar and Nellia Ehrentraut were caught off guard by their rising internet fame. He’s 70. She’s 64. Together they twirl to “Down the Road Apiece” by the Refreshments like they are teenagers.
The couple specializes in dances from the 1940s and 1950s, such as the Lindy hop and the jitterbug. They’ve won German Championship in 1995, South German / North German Championships in 1996, Germany Cups in 1996. They are also Austrian Champions of 1994, 1996, 1997, Austrian Cup Winners of 1996/97. Ehrentrauts took the 2nd Place of World Cup in 1999, 7th place in World Cup in 2000, 5th place in European Championship 2002. Today, the couple gives courses and workshops to pass on their skills.
Dietmar and Nellia Ehrentraut have been married since 1970. They love everything from the 40s-50s era, and try to surround themselves with accessories and furniture from that period.
Dancing is a great medicine for the elderly. While having a great time, they improve their balance, gait, and overall functioning, which reduces their risk of falls, fractures, and immobility. Dancing is also a great exercise that boost heart, mind and joint health. It also may strengthen cognition, potentially reducing the risk for developing dementia. In addition to looking good and staying strong, dancing makes people forget about their age and problems, helps them socialize, boosts their mood, which results in improving their quality of life.