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Deployed Dad Sends His Daughter This Bear. Watch Her Reaction When She Squeezes Its Hand!

When a parent or family member is deployed for military duty, it is never easy for the person’s family. Each year, wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, siblings, other family members, and friends wait for their loved one to return home from active military duty. During that time, there is a hole in the family that simply can not be filled. Fortunately, leaps in technology have made communication easier, and this Dad came up with a clever way to keep in young with his young daughter…

While adults and older children have an understanding of why their loved one is absent from their lives, it’s extremely difficult for younger children to comprehend. All they know is that mom or dad isn’t there and they miss them terribly. Years ago, families had to wait weeks or even months to receive a treasured letter from a loved one. When that hand-written correspondence¬†finally arrived, it was the only way to feel close to that person. Now, we have all kinds of technology that allows for instant communication. Email, text messaging, Skype, and Facetime allow loved ones to talk face to face, almost as if they are in the same room. Children get to actually see their parents and parents don’t have to miss out on watching their little ones grow.

Despite all of these advances and advantages, it helps to have something tangible, something to hold that reminds you of your missing loved one. So, little Pia’s dad recorded his voice in this teddy bear and asked his wife to wait until he was gone for a month to give it to her. Pia’s reaction at hearing her dad’s voice says it all. She’s absolutely adorable.

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